New Directions

With nearly 3 years back into music, I realise that the learning curve has been steep but enjoyable. My collection of keyboards and other hardware has grown and the list of other bits of equipment I lust after gets longer and longer. The problem, as I see it, is that mastering one piece of equipment … More New Directions

Back to basics

With a 30 year hiatus, not playing keyboards, not singing (except when accompanying a CD or radio), getting back into making music has been a steep learning curve. Times have changed in relation to the ability to record and distribute your own music. The technology has made great advancements and it is so easy for … More Back to basics

From the new world

Arguably one of my all time top 10 pieces of music, Dvorak’s Symphony  No 9 from the New World (New World Symphony) is a tongue in cheek reference to my current thoughts, feelings and ambitions for my own music. More of which I will discuss in this and subsequent posts. Since the early 1980s and my … More From the new world

Scaramouche by Linda

It’s funny how memory works, we each retain our own details and feelings about specific events, places and people. The accounts I have written are my memories, outlined in short blog posts. When I started this blog I asked Linda if she would contribute, this is her account and memories. CAN YOU DO THE FANDANGO? … More Scaramouche by Linda