Total Seduction in The Ridings


After gigging around Yorkshire in various clubs, pubs and schools, Scaramouche was ready to take it to the next level. The new drummer Graham had settled in and despite ongoing issues with our sound, we decided it was time to lay down a couple of tracks in the recording studio. Linda found Roger Boden in Macclesfield  who had opened up a new studio just months before. We chose two tracks and headed of to Macclesfield not knowing really what to expect. We were all excited and on a high as we were shown into Roger’s studio and began talking about what we wanted. Roger was great and offered lots of advice and direction. We laid down track after track, listened to it, re-recorded and invented. Harmonies were fine tuned (including Roger himself joining in) and levels were adjusted. After a full day in the studio, two tracks were recorded and we eagerly awaited the reel-to-reel tapes and cassettes. Roger was spending a few more hours fine-tuning the mix and further producing the tracks but they would be with us in the next few days.


We were pleased with the final product and although it is really tough being objective about your own work, from the feedback we received we hadn’t done too bad a job. We all made an effort to get as much exposure as possible and eventually, the tracks were played on local radio and cassette copies were mailed far and wide to A+R departments, venues and fans.


The cassette recording secured us a few more gigs and some media coverage but we were eager to further promote the band. I cannot recall how it came about but we talked about the possibility of making a video. We thought hat the track Total Seduction would make an ideal choice as it had a story behind it about infatuation, love and lust. We had read some months back that a new shopping centre had opened up in Wakefield – The Ridings. A relatively new concept and shopping experience in this part of the world we knew thought that they might like the association of a young band and value the publicity if we used their venue as a backdrop for the recording. The General Manager was approached and much to our delight they agreed that we could use the shopping centre on a Sunday when it was closed, for the whole day, full access and assistance from the on-site security staff.

scaramouche84 (2)

Within a couple of weeks we had secured Steve Rhodes Video, a new start-up video production company who were also wanting to promote themselves locally so they offered their services for free. With the venue and technical team secured it was time to write the outline story board for the filming schedule. We made a couple of trips to the Ridings and meticulously planned our every move. I remember Linda taking reams of notes.

The outfits, make-up artist, press, technicians and band were readied and off we went. It seemed really strange having the place to ourselves, an eeriness and quiet made ever present by the slight echo of sounds in this cavernous and empty venue as we set up the gear, laid out the costumes and readied ourselves for make-up.


I have recently copied the old VHS recording of the track and in the next post, I will reveal all, track, video and production photos.

scaramouche84 (1)







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