New Directions

With nearly 3 years back into music, I realise that the learning curve has been steep but enjoyable. My collection of keyboards and other hardware has grown and the list of other bits of equipment I lust after gets longer and longer. The problem, as I see it, is that mastering one piece of equipment or software package is probably a lifetime’s work in itself….so. My new philosophy is learn the basics and as I need to expand my creativity, do the research and learn the next bit.


I now have three keyboards: the Midi Controller; Korg Krome and Korg Minilogue. Each has it’s uses and now linked in to my DAW so that I can use them simultaneously for recording purposes. I have also invested in a new Audio Interface and Mic as songs are where I am heading. Don’t get me wrong, tunes are great but I am a storyteller at heart and a good story can be told, and make an impact through song. Watch this space.

There has been a couple of new tunes put up on Soundcloud since my last post, you can check them out here.


I have a new challenge on the horizon as I have been offered the opportunity to collaborate with Christopher Haul on a track from his forthcoming EP. More details of this later but in the meantime check out his music here.


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