New Directions

With nearly 3 years back into music, I realise that the learning curve has been steep but enjoyable. My collection of keyboards and other hardware has grown and the list of other bits of equipment I lust after gets longer and longer. The problem, as I see it, is that mastering one piece of equipment … More New Directions

Back to basics

With a 30 year hiatus, not playing keyboards, not singing (except when accompanying a CD or radio), getting back into making music has been a steep learning curve. Times have changed in relation to the ability to record and distribute your own music. The technology has made great advancements and it is so easy for … More Back to basics

From the new world

Arguably one of my all time top 10 pieces of music, Dvorak’s Symphony  No 9 from the New World (New World Symphony) is a tongue in cheek reference to my current thoughts, feelings and ambitions for my own music. More of which I will discuss in this and subsequent posts. Since the early 1980s and my … More From the new world

Promises and Dreams

1983-84 The times were changing and bringing with it new bands, new music and new ideas. Drum machines in the 1980s were great but limited given the lack of other technology. We had decided that if we found a drummer who could really drum, we would make the necessary changes and continue to develop our … More Promises and Dreams