Promises and Dreams

1983-84 The times were changing and bringing with it new bands, new music and new ideas. Drum machines in the 1980s were great but limited given the lack of other technology. We had decided that if we found a drummer who could really drum, we would make the necessary changes and continue to develop our … More Promises and Dreams


1983 It was clear to Pete, Linda and I that our sound, as the three piece Scaramouche, was missing something. My time and efforts were being put into vocals as was Linda’s and Pete was busy coming up with bass riffs and drum beats that would make our fans want to dance. Mine and Pete’s … More Searching


I came across an unreferenced quote recently that helped me put my own music into perspective: What any musician/music producer wants is for their creations to be heard; not necessarily liked, but heard. Those who are curious enough to try it usually fall into two camps: those who know you and support you, and, those … More Fans

Dolly Boy Dreams

1981 With a few rehearsals under my belt with the new band My Pierrot Dolls is was time to hit the road and gig. Back in 1981, the only way to get noticed was to play live and build up a reputation. The internet didn’t exist for the general populous, no YouTube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp or … More Dolly Boy Dreams